Life at CS is an enriching experience where our students are challenged to think independently. Apart from stimulating classroom sessions, students participate in numerous activities that help to develop different skills and build confidence.


  • School starts at 8.15 AM and ends at 3.30 PM.

Integrated sports and extra-curricular activities:

  • Co-curricular activities and sports are woven into our curriculum and are compulsory every day. Children from standards I to V are exposed to a wide variety of activities as part of their schedule. From STD VI onwards, students are given a choice to decide what activities they want to focus on. Children who excel in sports are selected to be part of the school team. They can participate in our After School Sports program, where they receive additional coaching and practice to enable them to excel in their chosen sport.

House structure:

  • Students are placed in one of four houses – Prithvi, Agni, Vaayu and Akash. Various competitions and activities are held as part of the house structure. All year round, these competitions kindle the house spirit which helps students learn the importance of team work.


  • Competitions are a regular feature at CS. Every student gets many opportunities to participate and explore hidden talents which can then be developed to create a well rounded resume for the future.


  • School lunch is optional. Children are provided well balanced and varied meals cooked in our kitchens.

School functions:

  • Sports day and Annual day are the two major functions held in the school. Every student plays a role in these functions – either in the performances themselves or as part of the organizing team.
Field trips and excursions:
  • Students go on a wide variety of school arranged excursions and study trips. They learn how to interact with society and learn from real life experiences of the people they interact with.

Optional programs:

  • Students are offered a variety of courses by experts including comprehensive Career guidance, Competitive exam coaching etc. These courses are optional and can be selected based on the interests of the student.